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“Analyst processes drawings thousands at a time — film at eleven.”

Hi. Thank you for dropping by to view my web site.

My name is Michael Puckett. I’m an Engineering Technologist, Programmer / Analyst and CAD support professional.

I provide technical support services for AutoCAD® based engineering projects. I am located in Calgary, Alberta and serve the southern Alberta engineering community as well as select internet clients globally.

I’ve been blessed to have worn many hats during my career — surveyor, lab tech, R&D tech, C&G designer, PLC programmer, GIS developer, AutoCAD developer, P/L designer and general CAD support practitioner.

A common thread running through these positions is an increase in the amount of engineering data I’ve been responsible to generate, manage, analyze and format for the use and review of others — and an increase in the leveraging of innovative programming to make said tasks swift, efficient and in many cases even possible. The cumulation of this experience is realized in (but not limited to) the primary service I’ve provided for years —

Bulk processing of thousands of multi-discipline drawings, models and associated files — a high value use of niche skills that is very challenging, interesting and rewarding.

This type of work involves a spectrum of activities — drawing creation, revision, auditing, data import / export / analysis, publishing, conversion and turnover.

Performing repetitive manual tasks on huge batches of drawings or documents can be brutal and grueling — if not completely impractical. The frequent result is delayed, incomplete and expensive work peppered with inconsistencies, errors, omissions.

It’s the type of work often faced with dread.

I however very much enjoy the technical and management challenges frequently anted up by this type of work — and take much satisfaction providing effective, efficient solutions.

To conclude — with automation I am able to process a large, seemingly impossible volume of work consistently, accurately and completely — in a fraction of the time compared to oft dreaded manual efforts.

It’s a win win for everyone.

I am a practical, reliable alternative to offshore solutions — client side and consultant side.

Thank you for reading this page.


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