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Sr. CAD Analyst

To be competitive today engineering companies must operate as progressive, innovative, lean ‘CAD factories’, leveraging templating and the power of automation to produce, revise, audit, publish and issue deliverables in a standardized and efficient manner.

Thousands at a time.

Productivity initiatives to be implemented must benefit (1) project execution efficiency, agility, repeat-ability and profitability, (2) project bid prices, (3) client satisfaction and loyalty.

I am keen to partner with consulting companies that employ and advocate these strategies — or would like to.

I’ve significant engineering and automation experience — two decades focused primarily upon intelligent model and drawing production for 2D and 3D AutoCAD based projects. Have been very fortunate to have worked on behalf of multiple disciplines on scores of projects for the municipal, mining and oil & gas industries.

As a result I am blessed with broad perspective, experience and expertise.

Select skills and specialties include:

  • Civil Engineering technologist, programmer analyst, CAD support practitioner.
  • Analysis, standardization and integration of processes and data across disciplines.
  • Management of models, drawings, data, procedures and work flows.
  • Bulk drawing processing (creation, revision, population, harvesting, auditing, publication and turnover).
  • Encyclopedic knowledge of AutoCAD’s internal data structures (drawings are merely specialized databases) and ability to exploit same for broad benefit.
  • Ability to perform drafting at dizzying speeds by leveraging strong automation skills and AutoCAD prowess
  • Design, coding, testing and maintenance of in-house developed software solutions.
  • Identification of specifications and requirements for 3rd party software.

I love my work, the role I fulfill and the significant, positive and measurable impacts I have upon engineering projects.

Thank you for reading this virtual cover letter.


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